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How Junking a Car Benefits the Planet

‌‌Unfortunately, as well as we maintain them, cars do not last forever. Eventually they drive their final mile, and at that point, we have to look for a replacement. Whenever you come to that realization, that your car is too old or too damaged to repair it and drive safely on the road, the best decision for both you and the planet is to consider it a junk car. Give it to professionals that will be able to break down and repurpose it in the most responsible way.

Factors that Determine Scrap Car Value

‌A junk car is useful and possesses some value which is known as scrap car value. Scrap cars can have value for their parts according to several factors, some of which have been explained below to enhance your understanding. They are;

How to Change Your Engine Air Filter

‌As different components of your car need maintenance so do your engine's air filter. Car engines need fuel and air to function properly. Air flows through the engine by an air filter, which blocks leaves, dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants from entering. Over time, the filter can get dirty and clogged, and you may experience that you may have to use more gas than often, or even notice that your air conditioner is not working properly. These are a few signals giving you notice that you need to replace your air filter. 

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